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YAHVI, a Majestic Residential Tower is soon to spring into the skyline of this Cosmopolitan city. This is your heavenly peace, tranquility and luxury home, which you dreamt of as a place where all superior comforts makes you to pat you on your shoulders and everyone would say "This is a real Heaven on Earth".

About only 3 kms from the centre of Southern City – Tollygunj Metro and is connected to Diamond Harbour Road (Proposed highway and ongoing Metro route) on the other side. The place adds to your O2 with the greens cape that covers your home will add life, faith and health to all your loved ones.

Eleven Floors above the Ground Parking, a standalone tower YAHVI not only promises a Social secured, safe, modern and beautiful home with all luxurious amenities but also provides you another heaven – The Buyer's Paradise on the three storied YAHVI MALL, adjacently upfront the residential sibling.

For the one Connoisseur, who have spent a few years in the fortress of success and have the niche to find a tranquil home, YAHVI is synonymous to the choice of those far sighting eminent who feel the pride of owning not only the Earth but the stars that glitter on the tower top.


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